We're Expanding!!

You've spoken, we've listened. We had such a high demand for a nail trim only service that we decided to expand and offer just that! Dogs of ALL sizes are welcome for our Pawdicure service. We also provide Pawdicure services for Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Ferrets. All pets must be handleable and NON aggressive. We do not work with pets that bite, snap, or nip. If they need to be muzzled we recommend going to your vet.

2 Packages to choose from

Pawdicure Only: (open to all pets)

*Basic nail trim

Pawdicure Plus: 

Basic nail trim, and/or filing for a smooth finish

Ear cleaning

Teeth brushing (you get to keep the toothbrush)

Pads shaved, and feet trimmed

Moisturizing paw wax (you get to keep the wax)

(**This package excludes: rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets**)

(**Cats will have nail caps put on instead of teeth brushing**)

Please refer to our services page for pricing.